From IF to Prolonged Fasting
Ade, Senior Dreamer, Formosa
07 Juli 2019
Haha just came to me that how much I enjoyed Alanis Morissette’s ironic when I was younger. Alright, so this is my background music while talking about my experience of doing intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting. 
I started intermittently fasting earlier this year. This is probably my most recent achievement. I could not have imaged doing any kind of fasting when I was young. I remember my brother doing 30 hours fasting to participate in 30 hours famine. From time to time, there’s church convocation where we are encouraged to skip breakfast and pray. That was probably my limit and actually I hardly went with it. 

Okay, here is my fasting journey, not for religious reason, not yet, maybe in the future.

In junior high I weighted average 55-57 kilo and going on to senior high I weighted top 53 kilo. That was my best record. Well, the internet wasn’t yet mature, information explosion had yet started. I had the conventional idea of calories in and calories out. I ate bunch of green leaf vegetables and didn’t eat rice or noodles. I remember sometimes I even ate kimchi in the morning without consume anything else. That was crazy. But that’s how I got my best record.

Then I went on my journey to Germany, where I totally lost my control and ate bread 365 days in the morning, hm.. with a thin layer of Nutella and two slices of salami then a cup of latte, still crazy.  How could I have eaten same breakfast day by day? Saturdays I’d even indulge myself with a buttery Schoko Croissant on my way to church. Delicious. 

Okay, but I get nutritious meal in church. And being an Asian, despite German white bun bread in the mornings, I’d cook myself „proper warm meal“ to my standard. Noodle soup with bok choy was standard. Well, sometimes I’d go for a monster bowl of salad. You see, that balanced out and I kept my weight in control pretty well for those 8 years I stayed in Germany. 

Protein bread with salad and fried chicken/aubergine
Photograph by Ade

Then it came down to the semester of thesis writing. That’s where the self-destruction started. I had huge bag of ALDI chips and soda as my company, the craving was even stronger during the cruel winter. Towards the deadline of thesis writing, I started to grow acne and my weight went a few kilos up. Then I went back to Taiwan, all the delicious greasy street food was greeting me. In 2 years my weight went up to 72 kilos, till I couldn’t find suiting pants. I hated being fat. I was unhealthy.

Soon I activated working out mode. I bought equipments for cardio training and 5 mins shaper for ab training. I thought working out could get me those curvy lines back, but it didn’t. Until I saw this one video talking about insulin and how fat is stored. It struck me. All these years of working out brought me NOTHING but frustration.

Soon the searching led me to Keto diet and I was right on it. I was determined and lost 10 kilo in shortly 3 months. This was beginning of my healthy lifestyle. Acnes were gone! Acne was my biggest issue that I wanted to deal with. Growing up in puberty I never had acne and I couldn’t understand why I got it at the age of 30!! After I cut anything made with flour, problem solved. That easy.

It’s never too late

But then there’s stall of weight loss. 10 kilos gone and still another 10 kilos to lose. Keto isn’t the whole answer anymore. Last year I started gym just to be physically fit. I hardly do any sport in my life, but I need this new habit. I am now more informative about my Hashimoto thyroiditis. I know better how to suppress the inflammation with food choices and what minerals I could take to promote hormone balance. I now pay more attention to body reaction after meal. My health is improving and PMS strikes are easing! Years long of chronicle headache and puking are lessening. It seems magnesium helps a ton.

Cold plate of Tapas
Photograph by Ade

Okay, so I started the new project regarding to my physical health. Intermitten fasting seems to be the answer. I started IF since April, but well, not helping too much in losing weight. Besides, sedantary office job doesn’t help. So It’s time to go further. Last two weeks I saw Thomas Delauer calling out for 72 prolonged fasting. I decided to give it a try. Psychologically I got nervous at the beginning. I had no idea if my body could take such stress. Well, it turns out, that the most difficult part was to watch my colleagues eat their lunch and my favorite junk foods and to get by the long days sitting at the desk.

I also have some weird habit growing. That is to do the IF and watch food channel before sleep. I did the same in those 72 hours. 😆 There is something about me. That is determination and perseverance when I am up to something. I like the feeling of „starving“ for 72 hours. Actually I didn’t get super hungry those hours. The hunger first kicked in a few hours after I broke my fast with the liver soup. I woke up with hunger feeling at 3am in the morning and went out at 5am to get a breakfast. That morning I felt so refreshing! Even though I noticed my weak legs, which some would say the floating state. I slept deep at night and could barely lifted my body out of bed in the morning. People said this could be caused by the lack of exercising. So! I am going to do it again with exercises during my vacation NOW!

The prolonged fasting experience is addictive. The body and mind gained joy. Now I appreciate food even more. Usually eating was more like doing a task to me. I am not specifically the kind of person who does food blog. I do not drive hours to just acquire some street food. I get what’s most easily accessible. Okay, yadi yada, I want to do prolonged fasting again. I am doing it now. It’s 30 hours and I have done ab training and squats. Let’s get by this afternoon by some walking then.